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Licenced until 31st December 2021     

Release 1.80

Text within the App can now be changed via Administration
Scrutineering and Sound checks can now be performed by the marshals from the App


Now allows each event to have seperate event types, classes, awards, championships and skill levels. (Leave event as empty for each type that is used on all events) Release 1.77

Larger and bold fonts on all lists.
Now includes cone and line penalties in calculating the maximum time penalty correctly to the blue book

Release 1.76

Added GPS Clock sync for seperate Start and Finish timing for Autosolos.

Release 1.75

Improved code for the Display used with the timing beams.
Added "Resume" to Start/Stop Timing (Only use if you accidently hit the "Finish" button too early)

Release 1.74

Revamp of the Registration screens (Multiple docs can now be added to an event) etc.
There are now three stages of an event.
"Planned Event" is a future event you are planning to run, no timed can be recorded , no entries can be added, simply a place marker.
"Live Event" is an event ready to accept entries (once the date/time has been reached for entries to be open) and times can now be recorded by the marshals.
"Finished Event" is set once results have be declare as "Final".

Status can also now be set for each entry, replacing the old "Active" flag.
"Active Entry" is the default for each entry.
"No Starter" can be set if an entry fails to start the event.
"Retired" can be set if an entry fails to complete the event.