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Q: How do I use the new "Status" setting in Events?
A: So the new 3 selection option replaces the old "Active" on/off flag.
"Planned Event" is basically the old "Active" set to off, it is a future event you are planning, no timed can be recorded , no entries can be added.
"Live Event" is the old "Active" set to on, an event ready to accept entries (once the date/time has been reached for entries to be open) and times can be recorded by the marshals.
The last if the new one, "Finished Event" is when you declare the provisional results as final :)
Q: Does the TimingAppLive meet the Motorsport UK regulation for timing Autotest and Autosolo events?
A: Yes, the App fully complies with the regulatory timing requirements for these disciplines.
Q: If someone enters and signs on but does not make it on the day, how do you determine the non-starters?
A: They can change the status of an entry from "Active Entry" to "Non Starter" or "Retired"
Q: What happens if phone service is lost during the event?
A: The App has it’s own onboard database where it records all the runs and will attempt to send all unsent runs after each run and on closing a test, therefore data should not be lost.
Q: Can you run multiple courses at the same time?
A: Yes, Either seperate Start and Finish Marshals or using the Multiple Timings Option.
Q: Can you put the penalties in during the run or do they have to go in at the end?
A: The marshals can do this during or at the end of each run.
Q: Can you 'undo' penalties, or amend penalties that have been incorrectly inputted?
A: Yes, either using the admin mode of the app accessing their last run or you can amend any run via the admin website.
Q: Can you have two start/ finish marshals alternatively timing cars on each test?
A: Yes, multiple marshals can be used at the start and finish unless using the timing kit (as bluetooth can only connect to s single phone).
Q: Can you set the result system to drop the worst score on each test?
A: Yes you can - any number of "Worst Runs Dropped" can be set up within the Admin Website. Either for the whole event or individual events types or even per each test.
Q: Can I use the TimingAppLive to time our Targa Rally?
A: Yes, each test can be configured to have a bogey and a maximum time, marshals can also use the App to man controls and report penalties remotely.
Q: How much does the timing kit cost and where can I purchase these?
A: You can either puchase the FDS Timing Kit via Sapphire Solutions or directly from SportsTimingSystems. Wireless Starter Kit A will run a single test Autosolo with Multiple Cars on track with a single marshal.
Wireless Starter Kit A - One wireless TBox and two pairs of wireless photocells
Optionally buying a second TBox will allow seperate Start and Finish marshals.
Autotests where Start and Finish lines are inline can be run with a single wireless TBox and one pair of wireless photocells (per test).